Sunday, April 18, 2010

Beautiful Hawaii

The view from our hotel room lanai.

At the beginning of April Bruce and I enjoyed a wonderful trip to Maui. Bruce feels better if he says it was a business/pleasure trip, but it was really all pleasure. We had amazing weather and had so many 'once in a life-time' experiences. We both really like to explore new places and Hawaii is a great place to do just that. Maui is a beatiful island with every kind of topography from tropical to desert. It was wonderful to experience it's varied beauty from the land (walks and car drives) and from the air (zip line and helicopter ride). Unfortunately pictures don't do it justice, but here are some photos from our trip to paradise.

Bruce on the practice line...

On one of the zip lines (totally over 3 miles) we were able to go backwards.

The view from the top of the tropical plantaion as we waited for our turn to zip.

Bruce as he prepares for the mile-long line.

Jeanel flying through the air.

We enjoyed a day snorkeling tip to this crater (Mo lo kini). The visibility was amazing. We loved the reef and even got to see an octopus. At Turtle Town we swam with green sea turtles.

On the way to and from our snorkeling adventure were entertained by the whales.

The twin falls near the Haleakula volcano.

A cool cave with pristene water. Is that Bruce skinny dipping?

The coast line on the west side of the mountain. Bruce didn't believe that the road could truly be one lane, but we found out the guide book was right. I was scared out of my mind as we drove down the cliff-lined, mostly uninhabited (except by huge cows) side of the island. But it was breath-taking!

We had the most spectacular view during our dinner at Mama's Fish House. The food was so amazing that we practically licked our plates clean.
The Mama's Fish House beach.

We were dazzeled by the sites of paradise in this helicopter and had the good fortune of sitting in front with the pilot.

Volcanic fields.

Blow hole.

Beautiful tide pool with crazy people hoping the ocean doesn't wash them out to sea.

Where did all the people go?

Road tripping.

With a grateful heart I thank Bruce for a wonderful trip, for new memories made, for lots of laughs shared, and for time well spent. I can't imagine anything closer to heaven. Here's to many more!!!

Family Head Shaving

My blog has actually been haunting me for quite some time. Sorry it has been soooo long.

On March 13th we had a family head shaving party at Suzette's. My hair was falling out in clumps and the bald patches were becoming too obvious. Landon and my niece, Alision took turns cutting my hair (nothing to lose) and my nephew, Sam pulled a huge chunk out which left a bald patch the was visible even after the shaving. All of the boys decided to have their heads shaved too. On the up side, it has been so nice not having to do my hair and we don't even have to comb the boys hair!

I'm still not a huge fan of head gear, so I spend most of my time without anything on my head. The boys and Bruce are used to it. My head is either hot or cold, so my scarves and hats come on and off frequently.

Life is good at the Stanley home. We continue contently down our path of 'new normal'. Bruce is 95% better. He is back to a full work load and is able to help around the house again. I finished my 8th chemo treatment and have maintained a good level of energy.

We survived spring break spending a few days at Suzette's house, having fun at Chuck E. Cheese, and attending multiple parties. We all had a great time and I had a glimpse of what summer will be like...

love to you all!