Sunday, April 19, 2009

Time Spent

It seems like the hours of the day just fly by. While looking at the state of things in my house, I thought of some of the ways I spent my time this week in an attempt to justify.
First of all, Monday was still a sick day and I didn't really have energy to do much until Tuesday/Wednesday.
1 hour on the phone with our new mortgage lender because they told us to send our payment to the wrong place-- resulting in waving of the $91 late fee.
1 hour lesson at the Apple Store learning to use iPhoto on my MacBook.
1 hour at the fabric store picking out the perfect material for a tote (see 5.5 hours below). I had a really hard time deciding on a fabric and I kept knocking down the bolts of material that surrounded the tables, so I was late picking up Xander from pre-school. Thanks to Janene for grabbing him.
1 hour at Landon's soccer game. They actually scored a goal! I need to get a megaphone because I have to cough every time I yell.
2 hours spent planning summer activities for the boy- soccer, baseball, swimming lessons, Arts-in-the Park, tennis lessons, Lagoon...
2 hours at Lagoon on Saturday. It was a beautiful day! There were no crowds and the boys were able to walk on all of the rides without a wait. Xander's favorite is The Bat, Landon's favorite is Wicked, and Ryker giggles and giggles on Lady Bug Drop.
3 hours spent making and decorating cakes that in the end weren't all that great. (Next time Michelle!)
4 hours spent on the computer researching breast cancer vaccines. This is going to be my next attempt at fighting my breast cancer. The vaccines are still experimental, aren't all that effective, and the side effects are still unknown, but anything to boost my chances at surviving...
5 hours on the phone with Direct TV over the last couple of weeks. We had the installation man come 4 times (4 hour blocks each time) before our upgrade to HD was complete-- resulting in 2 free HD DVRs.
5.5 hours spent making the most spectacular tote bag. Thank you Tonya. I am really enjoying becoming more crafty.

5.6 hours hanging out at Kim's...
6 hours on the computer researching and planning trips. Suzette and I are going to go to NC to visit my brother, RIck and his family in May. They just had a baby 2 weeks ago and we are going to meet the newest member of the family. Then, in June we will be going to Wisconsin for family vacation. I haven't been back in years and I want Bruce and the boys to see my hometown. I am also planning a 5th anniversary get away in July. Also, Bruce and I are planning a trip to Peru in the fall. Bruce served his LDS mission there and has been back several times on medical missions. He is excited to be the tour guide. I'm hope my sister and her husband will be joining us on this adventure. (No pressure!) Living with cancer just makes me want to take advantage of every day. There are so many things I want to do and experience in this life that require physical abilities and energy, so we are going to take advantage of my break from chemo and live it up this summer.
7 hours keeping Landon in his room. On Friday he came home from school at noon because of a cough and having the chills. The office lady informed me that his temperature was 97.8. In the car on the way home he asked me what the chills were and said, "Listen, I think my cough is gone." Needless to say, he was not sick, but at our house, if you come home sick you are in your room for the rest of the day with just books to read. I don't think he'll try pulling that again any time soon.
And my favorite... Last minute mailing of our state taxes on 15 April because we owed money this year. I found the check that was suppose to be in the envelope on the floor of the mini van 3 days later. I wonder how much that is going to cost!
A promise to our house: You will get some attention this week.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Egg FUN!!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Ryker's #2

This afternoon I was taking a nap and heard one of the bedroom doors open and then the bathroom door close. I thought it was Xander. About 10 minutes later I hear, "Mommy I have pooh-pooh." I walk down to the bathroom and there stands Ryker. He has nothing on the bottom and just one arm in the top and was trying to clean up his mess.
Ryker has recently decided that he is not into clothing. The other day he came down from his nap with nothing on but his Crocs. He came skipping across the kitchen floor saying, "Look Mom!"
This morning he woke up Bruce saying, "I'm gonna take off my diaper. It's gonna be cold. I'm gonna have a chill."
Thanks Daddy for cleaning up my mess and getting me fresh!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Spring Fun (11 April 09)

Sorry it has been a while since I last posted. I was trying to get a blog done prior to chemo this past Wednesday, but obviously that didn't happen.
On Sunday I took the boys down to my sister, Suzette's house. We always have really nice time. Landon and Wilson played hoops (indoors and outdoors) most of the time and Sadie and Alison took care of Xander and Ryker. It really is a break for me, except my kids just won't sleep in...
On Monday we went to the Bean Museum (too many dead animals for my taste) and took the boys bowling and then out for pizza. Of course I forgot my camera, but got a few photos on my cell phone. We also colored Easter Eggs. Landon and Sadie made cute pink eggs with the breast cancer awareness logo. (I'll post the photos when I figure out how to get them from my email.)
Chemo was on Wednesday... Oh, how I pray this is all worth it! My hair started falling out in copious amounts today (Saturday). Obviously, I expected it, but it still is sad to see it go. My tumor markers in my blood are up, which worries me, but the doctor says that it might just be from my chemo... I'll keep you posted.
Thursday night my parents arrived safely after braving some stormy weather in route from Tennessee. Bruce and Landon were able to help them with some unloading. On Friday night they stopped over to celebrate my dad passing his test! He has studied so hard and can finally get a medical license in UT. I'm so proud of him!!

On Saturday we went to church and had a fun time watching the boys find Easter eggs. Ryker was thrilled by the hunt. Xander was puzzled because all of his eggs had the same kind of candy (at least it was M&Ms). And Landon got quite the haul.
Today was also exciting because the quilt that I have been working on for months is finally finished. My friend, Michelle, has cheerfully helped me make a play mat for the boys. It is a mini-version of our town, complete with: our house, the library, a school, the grocery store, Daddy's office, the church, and an airplane. Making the quilt has been a new adventure for me. I really enjoyed the creative process and learning all that Michelle has taught me along the way. A very heart-felt thank you to Michelle for helping me create something for my boys!
I am so excited for Easter. Spring is a great time of year and I love 'the reason for the season'. It is because of Jesus' atonement and resurrection, that no matter what my outcome is, I have reason to celebrate and be happy. Please keep praying for me. I know that medicine alone can not heal me, but that if it is the Lord's will, I can have my miracle.
Love, Jeanel