Saturday, May 15, 2010

Happy Mother's Day 2010

Happy Mother's Day to my mom!
My mom is wise, courageous, strong, kind, thoughtful, spiritual, deep, tough, loyal, trustworthy, faithful, loving, hard working, inspiring, fun, athletic, intelligent, and silly.
I feel honored to be her daughter. My mom has always taught me by example. She has taught me to be a fighter, she has taught me to be faithful, and she has taught me to seek the help of God in my life. What a legacy!
I love you Mom!

My Beautiful flowers from my thoughtful husband and children.

I am so grateful for the opportunity I have been given to be Landon, Xander, and Ryker's mom. I love my boys with all of my heart. I appreciate who they are and enjoy their individual personalities. They fill my days with projects, outings, stories, laughter, frustration, cleaning, cooking, organizing, playing, snuggles, hugs, adventure, inspiration, and love. They are my hopes and dreams. Along with Bruce, they make my life full and complete. I have been blessed!!

Thanks to all of you who are good examples and inspire me to be a better mom!

Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure 2010

Salt Lake City Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure 2010

Team Jeanel's Treasure Chest

The Stanley Family: Bruce, Jeanel
Landon (7), Xander (4), and Ryker (3)

Xander and Ryker took turns in the stroller and on Daddy's shoulders. Landon ran the race with his cousin Braden. Next time he'll remember to tell us where he is.

Page ran with Carson and Everett in the race in North Carolina.

Rick was on call, but wore a pink shirt to show his support.

We made it to the Finish Line.

Jeanel and Janene
My brother Paul and his wife Amy.

Nieces, Sadie and Jaclyn

Ryker and his 'best cousin' Jaclyn.

The race was awesome and the day was beautiful! It is so hard to describe the love and support that I feel at the race. It is an amazing feeling to know that so many people are fighting the fight together. Thank you to all of my friends and family who ran and walked! We had over 40 people this year. Next year we'll shoot for 100 :)!


Sunday, May 2, 2010

A Stressful Few Days with a Happy Ending!

On Wednesday I went to my oncologists office for my weekly chemo. I had had a blood draw the week before and was awaiting the results without much anxiety, However, it came back with high alk-phos and low calcium. I had no idea what that meant, but new it wasn't good when the medical assistant put me in a room to talk to the doctor instead of sending me back to the chemo room like usual. I was informed that the blood abnormality was a sign of bone break down or liver problems and a PET scan was ordered for Friday.

On Wednesday night Bruce talked and I yelled. It felt sooo good. At this point I am unable to enjoy any physical outlet because of my energy level and limitations with my right arm after the lymph node dissection. I guess I've been holding a lot of emotion in, but as Bruce can tell you, I got it all out. He was so understanding and such a good sport, and best of all, I felt relieved.
Thursday was a light activity/bed rest day in preparation for the PET scan. My mom helped me organize the kids toys in the basement in the morning which helped me keep my mind occupied, but in the afternoon as I was in bed, the sadness was overwhelming again. At night Bruce and I talked and a sense of urgency came over me that I should stop whining and spend my time being productive in accomplishing my life's work. It was a stark contrast to the way I was feeling, almost like an adrenaline rush had changed my focus.
Wednesday morning came and the PET scan went well. Only one needle stick was required to pump me up with the radioactive juice and I wasn't crazy antsy in the scanner. My sister picked me up from the scan and we went to Costco. I was convinced that the scan was bad, but was happy to be with Suzette. While we were in the check out line at Costco, Bruce called with the amazing and unexpected news that my scan was clean.
Words can't describe how happy I am and how grateful I am for more time, but had the results come back differently my faith would be unchanged because I know that everything is in the Lord's hands. He is mindful of me and my family.
A great big hug and happy cheer for my good news!!!! Thanks for your prayers and help with the boys!!!

Love ya, Jeanel

ps Race for the Cure SLC is May 8th, 8:30am at the Gateway.