Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Colorado Trip June 2010

We started summer with a family vacation to Colorado. The first day we got a late start and drove 7 hours. Our road trip through Wyoming landed us in Laramie. The only requirement for the hotel was a pool, which the boys enjoyed at night and in the morning before we hit the road again.

Colorado greeted us with friendly signage, beautiful rocks, family and friends.

Our first few days were spent in Colorado Springs with the Nielsen's (Bruce's sister and family). It was so much fun to spend time with them and we thoroughly enjoyed there hospitality. The Nielsen's were wonderful hosts and filled our days with fun adventures such as Frontier Days, a trip to Valley of the gods, a train ride to Pike's Peak, a tour at the Air Force Academy, a minor league baseball game, play time at a state park, and a few picnics. What more could we ask for?!

The Stanley family shows our strength!

Ryker and Mom enjoying the view.

Landon and his cousin Matthew, scaling the rocks.

Landon scaring his mom.

Much better.....

The Nielsen's with the boys at the Air Force Academy.

Xander gets a boost.

Ryker chillin' with Matthew.

The Air Force Academy Chapel.

Getting ready to get on the train to go to Pike's Peak.

The view from on top of Pike's Peak.

Aunt Michelle with Xander and Ryker at the state park.

The boys playing kick ball together.

Landon crosses the monkey bars.



A picnic with a view.

Thanks Michelle, Blake, and Matthew! We had a blast and will miss you!!!

Fortunately, while in Colorado Springs, we were also able to spend some time with our good friends, the Erickson's.
Me with my dear friend Linnea, watching an incredibly long t-bal game : )! (love you girlfriend!!!)

Ryker and Linnea's little girl, Sophie hit it off right away. This is them playing during the t-ball game. (Notice the port-a-potties in the background.)

But then he makes up for it by giving her flowers. What a sweet boy!

We took the kids to a pizza/play place for lunch. The first thing Landon wanted to do was to play dress up...

Love the accessories!

After leaving Colorado Springs, we headed towards Aspen to a beautiful resort where we met up with our friends, the Routson's.

The Stanleys and Routsons at the Roaring Forks Club.
We had a great time fishing, swimming, golfing, and exploring the beautiful area!

The gang in front of our cabin.

The first fishing location is affectionately known as, Poop Island because of all of the goose poop... But, at least the fish were biting. Landon and Chase could (and did) fish for hours on end.

Landon's first solo catch! The biggest one of the week!

Xander's first catch. Although, he doesn't count it because Bruce got it on the line and Xander just had to reel it in... while dad ran and got the camera.
I knew Kim would be a fish-catching machine.

But I had no idea she could beat a fish on a rock and make the blood fly all over everyone :)

So proud of my one fish.

The joys of exploring in a summer wonderland....

None of us are golfing pros, but we had a great time at the driving range!
Ryker and Tyler putting a plug in.

I'm not sure if Ryker hit the ball, but he sure gave it a good effort!

Xander setting the ball on the T.

Kim is a natural!
Chase gives it his all.
Bruce sizes it up...

I can't tell you the last time I was on a golf course.

My sweet boys.

Saying good-bye to the ranch.

A quick stop at the LDS temple in Denver.

Welcome home.

We can't imagine a more fun-filled vacation! Thanks to the Nielsen's, the Erickson's, and the Routson's for a memorable time!

Much love,
The Stanley's


Kim Routson said...

Thanks so much for the great time Jeanel. I'll never forget it. Except for the bloody fish incident. Let's pretend that never happened.

meegz said...

Looks like SOOO Much fun!!! Glad you guys could enjoy good times with Family and Friends.:)

Seems those boys are all of the sudden getting big. I noticed today you & Bruce sitting together without kids in between the two of you. that's a sure sign on kids growing up.:)

Anna Linnea said...

We had such a great time with you guys! Can't wait to see you again!

Anonymous said...

Great pictures Jeanel! Wow, didn't realize how busy you were on that fun!!! Colorado looks like a nice place to live :)

lynette said...

I love you and have so much gratitude for the example you are in enduring such difficulties in life. Just had my yearly mammogram, (you know, lay naked on the garage floor and have someone back a tire over your breast -jk they aren't so bad anymore) and I thought of you the whole time. Even tho a mammo would have never caught yours, I was overwhelmed by the fragile balance of life and the courage you show under such difficult circumstances. You are definitely one of my favorite heroes ❀ ❀ ❀

Anonymous said...

Had to check out your Colorado pictures again :)
Still not sure where we will be living, so the pictures are helping out! Hope you had fun visiting the bears and and escaped murderers!! I'll get a copy of my pics to you once I figure out how to copy them to a disk......could be awhile

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Becky said...

You have a beautiful family! Good luck in your fight!

Sara Mendes said...

Oh! god bless your family! you guys are so cute!!
i hope i have a family just like yours!!

oh, by the way, great photos!
such a beautiful place!!


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hapi said...

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MG said...

God Bless you and ur Family!